Elysium SDK is a software development kit, which simplifies creation of the applications in Metro-style with Elysium. It contains:

  • Assemblies with Elysium API and a set of styles for applications, as well as additional assemblies and services.

  • Documentation on Russian and English languages.

  • The application, which demonstrates Elysium capabilities.


  1. Windows Vista SP2 / 7 / 8 or Windows 2008 SP2 / 2008 R2 / 2012

  2. WCF Services - Named Pipe Activation

  3. .NET Framework 4.5

  4. Visual Studio 2012 RTM

  5. Optionally: Blend for Visual Studio 2012 with Update 2

  6. Also supported: Microsoft Code Contracts tools 1.5.60409.11

Installation process of the Elysium SDK setup package:

  1. Choose and download the installer, according to your system x86 (32 bits) or x64 (64 bits) using the following URL.


    Elysium's assemblies and additional assemblies are cross-platformed (they were created with parameter AnyCPU) and can be used with an application on any system. Executables were created for each system accordingly, but they support work with 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

  2. Start screen appears after the launch of the installer. You can change the install path on it (pic. 1.1). You must confirm the license agreement to continue the installation (pic. 1.2).

  3. Choose components for the installation (pic. 1.3). A component Elysium must be installed, because it contains main and additional assemblies.

  4. The installation will start after it. Installation program will copy necessary files (pic. 1.4.1), create native images (pic. 1.4.2) for faster assemblies' loading, start necessary services. (pic. 1.4.3), if you have chosen to install Elysium Notification System and install Visual Studio templates for faster projects' creating and for controls, which use Elysium. (pic. 1.4.4).

  5. If necessary, you can modify Elysium SDK installation, repair it or uninstall (pic. 2.1). Installation program will validate the installation (pic. 2.2) and execute specified action.

  6. If there is a mistake or the operation of installation/modifying/reparing/uninstallation is canceled, according message will be displayed. Otherwise, a message about successful installation will be displayed. (pic. 3).

Additional methods of the installation

Installing Elysium SDK by the NuGet-package

  • Enter the package manager (pic. 1) and complete the search (pic. 2) of the package with the name Elysium.


    If you use this installation method, you won't be able to use Elysium Notification System. To use it, you must use another installation method.


    Visual Studio Templates are accessible only after the installation of Elysium SDK by the setup program or msi-package.

  • After short installation dialog NuGet will add all necessary files to your project and you will be able to use Elysium SDK.

Installing Elysium SDK from the archive

  1. Download the archive, which contains Elysium SDK, according to your system x86 (32 bits) or x64 (64 bits) using the following URL.


    Visual Studio Templates are accessible only after the installation of Elysium SDK by the installation program or msi-package.

  2. Un-zip the archive to the destination folder. If you are installing the program for all users, the best choice for a folder will be [A letter of a disc partition with Windows]:\Program Files\, if you are installing only for current user - [A letter of a disc partition with Windows]:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Apps\

  3. Start the script Install Elysium Notifications service.bat for the installation of the Elysium Notification System. If you want to have an access to the Notification System during debugging, you have to start ElysiumNotifications service. To do this, start the script Run Elysium Notifications service.bat. To stop the ElysiumNotifications service, start the script Stop Elysium Notifications service.bat. To uninstall Elysium Notification System start the script Uninstall Elysium Notifications service.bat.

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