Provides a type converters.


Public classAngleToCoordinateConverter
Converts a value of an angle (by which the object is situated according to the centre of the circle) to coordinates.
Public classDoubleToGridLengthConverter
Converts a value of the type Double into the type GridLength.
Public classDoubleToThicknessConverter
Converts a value of the type Double into the type Thickness.
Public classGridLengthToDoubleConverter
Converts a value of the type GridLength into the type Double.
Public classIsGreaterThanConverter
Calculates if one number is bigger than another one.
Public classNumberPositiveToNegativeConverter
Changes number's sign to opposite.
Public classPercentToAngleConverter
Converts a percent of the full angle in a value of the angle.
Public classThicknessConverter
Clears values of specified sides of the border
Public classThicknessPositiveToNegativeConverter
Changes the sign of the specified border sides to opposite.
Public classThicknessToDoubleConverter
Converts a value of the type Thickness into the type Double.