Gets or sets the accent colour.

Namespace: Elysium.Parameters
Assembly: Elysium (in Elysium.dll) Version: 2.0.1042.4 (2.0.1042.4)


See GetAccentBrush, SetAccentBrush
Visual Basic
See GetAccentBrush, SetAccentBrush

Property Value

Type: SolidColorBrush
The brush that contains the accent colour, or null, if the control has to inherit the value from the parent or use the value, which has been set for the entire application. The default value is null.


Identifier fieldAccentBrushProperty
If the parameter is inherithed from application, it's guaranteed that parameter's value will be updated when according value is updated for the application.


C# Copy imageCopy
1var control = new TabControl();
2var currentValue = Parameters.Manager.GetAccentBrush(control);
3Parameters.Manager.SetAccentBrush(control, null);
XAML Copy imageCopy
1<TabControl params:.Manager.AccentBrush="{DynamicResource BlueBrush}"/>

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