Provides classes to create controls and classes that are required for their functionality.


Public classApplicationBar
A control panel of the application.
Public classApplicationBarPanel
A panel, where childs of the class ApplicationBar are placed.
Public classCommandButton
A command button.
Public classDropDownCommandButton
A button with dropdown menu.
Public classProgressBar
A progress bar.
Public classProgressRing
A progress ring.
Public classSubmenu
A sub menu.
Public classToggleCommandButton
A command button with three possible states: "checked", "unchecked", "indeterminate".
Public classToggleSwitch
A toggle switch.
Public classWindow
A base class for "Metro" style windows.
Public classWindowCommands
Contains several basic functions for managint a window of the type Window.


Public enumerationApplicationBarDock
Defines the position of the element inside the control ApplicationBar.
Public enumerationApplicationBarTransitionMode
Defines the animation of appearing and disappearing of the control ApplicationBar.
Public enumerationDropDownDirection
Defines, on the which side of the DropDownCommandButton the dropDown menu is located.
Public enumerationProgressState
Defines the state of the progressBar (one of the controls, which was inherited from ProgressBase).