Converts a value of the type Double into the type Thickness.

Namespace: Elysium.Converters
Assembly: Elysium (in Elysium.dll) Version: 2.0.1042.4 (2.0.1042.4)


public Object Convert(
	Object value,
	Type targetType,
	Object parameter,
	CultureInfo culture
Visual Basic
Public Function Convert ( 
	value As Object,
	targetType As Type,
	parameter As Object,
	culture As CultureInfo
) As Object


Type: System..::..Object
Initial value of the type Double.
Type: System..::..Type
A target type. The value is ignored.
Type: System..::..Object
Converter's parameter. Has to be a string and can be one of the next values: "Left", "Top", "Right", "Bottom" or null. The value corresponds to the side of the border, which is used in calculations.
Type: System.Globalization..::..CultureInfo
Language and local parameters used in converter. The value is ignored.

Return Value

Type: Object
A value of the type Thickness. All sides of the border, specified in the parameter have a value value; all other sides have a value = 0; In case the parameter parameter = null, all sides of the border have the value = value. If there is a failure during method execution, following value will be returned DependencyProperty.UnsetValue.


IValueConverter..::..Convert(Object, Type, Object, CultureInfo)

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