Elysum Runtime is a collection of assemblies and services, which have to be distributed with the program to maintain normal Elysium operation.


  1. Windows Vista SP2 / 7 / 8 or Windows 2008 SP2 / 2008 R2 / 2012

  2. .NET Framework 4.5

  3. Also supported: Microsoft Code Contracts tools 1.5.60409.11

Installing Elysium Runtime by the msi-package

  1. Choose the version of the msi-package accroding to the architecture of your system and download the package x86 (32 bits) or x64 (64 bits) using the following URL. If your program supports both architectures, download both packages.

  2. Add msi-package Elysium Runtime to your installation program. During the installation, msi-package automatically performs all necessary actions to assure Elysium's normal work.


    You can use the following set of the tools Windows Installer XML to create an installer.

Additional methods of the installation

Installing Elysium Runtime from the archive

  1. Download the archive, which contains Elysum Runtime, according to your system x86 (32 bits) or x64 (64 bits) using the following URL.

  2. During the installation of the program unzip the archive and copy the files (which have been extracted beforehand) to the destination folder. If you are installing the program for all users, the best choice for a folder will be [A letter of a disc partition with Windows]:\Program Files\, if you are installing only for current user - [A letter of a disc partition with Windows]:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Apps\


    During the usage of the files from the distribution archive Elysum Runtime with the program, you have to manually install and start the service ElysiumNotifications (the file Elysium.Notifications.Server.exe). Ignore this section and delete relevant files from the installation, if you don't use Elysium Notification System.

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