There are several known issues and lemitations of Elysium.

Installation Elysium SDK and distribution Elysium with the program

  • Elysium Notification System and Visual Studio templates are absent in NuGet package.

  • Visual Studio templates available only for English and Russian versions of Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio templates are absent in Elysium SDK zip-archive.

  • Elysium's control elements are absent in the toolbox. To add them, go to Toolbox, do a right-click and choose a menu item Choose items.... Proceed to the tab .NET Framework components or to the tab WPF components and choose the assembly Elysium.dll.

Control elements

  • If you want to use window icon of specific size, you need to declare icon as resource and manipulate it to reduce this size to specified.

  • Window's header can be displayed incorrectly when the mouse's cursor is on the several upper pixels of the window and following conditions are true:

    1. Classic or contrast theme is used in Windows.

    2. Taskbar hides automatically.

    3. The window is maximized.

  • Control's styles: TabControl and TabItem work differently in Elysium.

    • Settings of the style, which are set for the TabControl element, are set for any content of its tabs too.

    • Settings of the style, which are set fot the TabItem element, are set only for it.

    • The style of tab's header is set by the parameter HeaderStyle and can be changed either for several tabs at once, or for any specified tab (which is strongly not recommended to do). Usually this parameter is set inside control's styles TabControl and/or TabItem.

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