Returns a template of the control for the object-successor of the class ProgressBase, which is connected with current object ProgressAutomationPeer.

Namespace: Elysium.Controls.Automation
Assembly: Elysium (in Elysium.dll) Version: 2.0.976.4 (2.0.976.4)


public override Object GetPattern(
	PatternInterface patternInterface
Visual Basic
Public Overrides Function GetPattern ( 
	patternInterface As PatternInterface
) As Object


Type: System.Windows.Automation.Peers..::..PatternInterface
A value of the enumeration PatternInterface.

Return Value

Type: Object
If the parameter patternInterface has a value RangeValue, and the state of the object-successor of the classProgressBase is not equal Indeterminate or Busy, the method will return "this", otherwise "null" will be returned.

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