Gets or sets the brush used for shadow creation.

Namespace: Elysium.Parameters
Assembly: Elysium (in Elysium.dll) Version: 2.0.976.4 (2.0.976.4)


See GetShadowBrush, SetShadowBrush
Visual Basic
See GetShadowBrush, SetShadowBrush

Property Value

Type: SolidColorBrush
The brush used for shadow creation. The default value is null.


This property is set at the theme of the control locally and usually has the value, which is equal to the value of the resource ForegroundBrush with the value of transparency = 0.3.


C# Copy imageCopy
1var control = new ComboBox();
2var currentValue = Parameters.GetShadowBrush(control);
3Parameters.SetShadowBrush(control, Brushes.Black);
XAML Copy imageCopy
1<ComboBox params:General.ShadowBrush="Black"/>

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