Changes the sign of the specified border sides to opposite.

Namespace: Elysium.Converters
Assembly: Elysium (in Elysium.dll) Version: 2.0.976.4 (2.0.976.4)


public Object Convert(
	Object value,
	Type targetType,
	Object parameter,
	CultureInfo culture
Visual Basic
Public Function Convert ( 
	value As Object,
	targetType As Type,
	parameter As Object,
	culture As CultureInfo
) As Object


Type: System..::..Object
Initial value of the type Thickness.
Type: System..::..Type
A target type. The value is ignored.
Type: System..::..Object
Converter's parameter. Has to be a string and can be one of the next values: "Left", "Top", "Right", "Bottom". The value corresponds to the side of the border, which is used in calculations.
Type: System.Globalization..::..CultureInfo
Language and local parameters used in converter. The value is ignored.

Return Value

Type: Object
The value of the type Thickness, which value for the any side of the border is equal to absolute value, but the sign is changed to opposite. If there is a failure during method execution, following value will be returned DependencyProperty.UnsetValue.


IValueConverter..::..Convert(Object, Type, Object, CultureInfo)

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